August 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Our family has gone camping a few times this summer. I really like camping because, despite the effort to pack, set-up, tear down, and unpack, it is really relaxing. When we are camping the kids joyfully play, meals are easy to prepare, and the family is always together.

On a recent camping trip Matthew reminded me of a few truths and I wanted to share them…

The first is that nature is beautiful and it is hard to be at a campground, in the forest, near a lake and not be awed by God’s handiwork. Even so, a close look will reveal that nature, like everything else in this fallen world, is full of disease and sickness. Animals die, trees fall down and rot, bugs eat and kill the plants. One must realize that ALL of creation groans and aches for the return of Jesus. This world is a messy fallen place longing to be restored and redeemed by the King.

The second thing… Going up to the mountains is a great time to reflect on God, reflect on his word, and enjoy his creation. God really did form the mountains, grow the trees, and tell the lakes where to pool and his fingerprint is on all of creation. Still we must be ever mindful that there is one piece of creation that bears the image of God more than any other and that is man. We can reflect on God in the quiet and peace of a forest or mountain top or field but how much more can we reflect on God by being with, serving, and loving his image bearers?

When Matthew shared these thoughts I was especially convicted about loving God’s prize creation. It is so easy for me to want to get away from people in order to study and love God more. I would like to strike more of a balance in this area and love God by loving the people he created.

Here are some pictures of us camping. The first 4 were taken by my sister-in-law, Megan. She is just starting to get interested in photography and I really like her style and pictures.




Tyler and Michelle

All 6 of Us

Annelissa and Alatheia

Vanessa and Benjamin



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