Life is Not Fun

February 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

“Life is not fun.” This is a lie that our culture teaches us.

I recently ran across a site for the 2010 Baby Boomer Lifestyle Expo, which is going to be held here in Portland this weekend. The tag line for this exposition is, “Whether you are already retired, or 35 and just starting to think about it, The Baby Boomer Lifestyle Expo is for you! You put in your time at work, you put in your time raising your kids, this is your time! Make the most of it!”

This is a common mantra for Americans. It is saying that life is not fun, there is no joy in work, raising children is a burden, and everything we do is a means to an end. That end is retirement. Everything in your life is, to some degree, subservient to the last two decades of your life. Ahhh…. retirement when it all begins, “your time.”

This is a scathing commentary on our culture.

We are at war. This world is desperate for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Retirement is not a biblical ideal. It has been introduced to us by the money-mongers of the advertising and business world. Let us fight the good fight until our last breath.


§ One Response to Life is Not Fun

  • Rach says:

    I agree with you Vanessa. Not only is it not “our time” but it should be a time to pour into the next generation as wise elders. It’s always God’s time. A time to give to the world, not see what we can take. It’s the journey that’s important and what we will have to look back on that we will treasure or regret. Love you! Rachel

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