Learning the World – Pee Pee in the Park

August 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Earlier this week we went and had a lunch picnic at Mt. Tabor park.  Annelissa told me that she had to go poddy, so we went looking for the bathrooms. I saw a small cluster of buildings about 100 yards in front of us so we committed ourselves to the trek. As we were walking she began to more and more frequently tell me of her need to go poddy (a sign of the impending disaster).

So we made it to this cluster of buildings, and posted right beneath the sign that said men’s and women’s, read this sign: “CLOSED FOR THE SEASON.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was the middle of summer. If there was ever a season that this bathroom should be open it was this one. Well I guess Annelissa suddenly learned how to read because as I silently looked at her and as she silently looked me, the pee pee was puddling on the stairs.

As we started the long walk back to the picnic table she began to give me a few pointers for next time. She said:

  1. “Next time you need to carry me daddy, I can’t walk that fast. But I hope I don’t pee on you.”
  2. “Daddy you told me to hold it, but I do not know how to hold it. You need to teach me.”
  3. “Our picnic was too far from the bathrooms daddy.”

Good words Annelissa. I’ll keep all that in mind for next time.


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