August 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

We went camping at Laurence Lake, in the Mt. Hood National Forest, last week. Here are a few pictures from our one night trip. There are some great pictures of Matthew and Tyler jumping off a bridge into the lake, the girls in their camp chairs, Tyler and Michelle by the campfire, and great shots of Mt. Hood.

Laurance Lake Camping

Camping has served as a wonderful way for our family to spend time together. We are sleeping within arms reach of each other the whole time, we go to bed early, and we are constantly together. Some of our best memories have been created camping.

Camping also serves to show our children the majesty of God. I was recently reading Mountains and Why We Love Them, by J. Gresham Machen, and he said that in nature and in the mountains, you realize that as humans we have struggled, we have fallen, and it is the mountains that we look upward to God. The history of the human race seems to pass before our eyes as we are concentrated on the most beautiful of all creation. I always have almost have a sense of depression as we leave the mountains to return to civilization largely because it is a pathetic thing to contemplate the history of mankind.

Go camping more. Enjoy the beauty. Enjoy your family. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


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