Book Review: Ruth Bell Graham Celebrating an Extraordinary Life

May 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

I recently finished reading Ruth Bell Graham: Celebrating an Extraordinary Life

This book was a great blessing and encouragement to me. The title rings true, she truly did lead an extraordinary life however the thing that strikes me is that she truly was an ordinary women. This reminds me of countless bible stories in which God has used ordinary or worse than ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This book is a compilation of stories from people who knew and loved Mrs. Graham, every entry is seeping with fondness and admiration for this special woman however the book is also filled with underlying tones of humanness… this book does not raise Mrs. Graham to an unattainable position rather it shows her winsome personality in the midst of trial, pain, and sin.

I particularly enjoyed reading about her as a mother and indulging on the entries from her children. Mrs. Graham was a wonderful mother who was forced to raise her children largely by herself as her husband was a traveling evangelist gone from the family often months at a time. Mrs. Graham raised five children who, now, all love and serve the Lord yet it is blatantly obvious that she was far from perfect and made many mistakes. Mrs. Graham herself put it this way in an interview with Wesley Pippert which is recorded in the book, “I’m afraid- and this is a confession- I’m not a good disciplinarian, to the children’s detriment. A good disciplinarian is someone who disciplines consistently, no matter how he or she feels. If I’m really tired, I usually just give in on a point if the children press it, Or, if I get really upset, I’m likely to be too strict with them when I shouldn’t have been.”

This book is a wonderful mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary.


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