Learning the World – Bandaids

April 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

Annelissa cut her finger today, a very small cut, so small that I could not even see the cut. I only saw the drop of blood that came out of t. I put a bandaid on the “cut” and went about my day, unaware of the trouble that this bandaid was going to cause Annelissa.

First, when we went to the park she would only hold the swing with one hand because, “I have a bandaid.” Well you need two hands on a swing, one handed Annelissa fell off.

Next when we left the coffee shop to walk back to the car, I had to hold her wrist, not her hand because, “I have a bandaid.”

Next, when I was pushing the girls in the stroller, Annelissa kept her elbow at a 90 degree angle and her hand in the air, as if her arm was in a cast.

Finally, at dinner I asked for her hand to pray and she said, “I can’t, I have a bandaid.” Then she said, “I can’t fold my hands either because I have a bandaid.”

It is  a challenge to teach your children to learn to live with suffering, but it is neccesary.


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