“The Kingdom Bound Entendre”

March 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

The title of our blog is “Kingdom Bound.” We are on a journey, bound for heaven. We are also bound by the reign of Christ in the world now. We are foreigners of one land heading toward another. Living in the kingdom of God is living within a paradox. The kingdom of God has come to earth and is made manifest through the church. The kingdom will be fully realized when God consummates history and brings his people into the eschaton. We anxiously await for Jesus to come and bring the fullness of his kingdom, but until that day we press on.

Christians are called ambassadors for Jesus Christ. Therefore our home is an embassy of the kingdom of God, a physical manifestation of God’s reign on earth.

Our desire is to spread a passion for the supremacy of the reign of Christ forever, for the joy of all peoples and for the glory of God. We hope that our family and friends that can’t be with us all the time can follow our family and watch our children grow. We hope that this blog will draw us towards other like-minded families bound by Jesus.


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